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Permanent magnetic gear less traction machine

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Distinctive technologies available nowhere else make the alben suitable for vips. First-class riding comfort: The permanent magnetic gearless traction machine was developed by Alben Elevator. There is no vibration from the mechanism of gears. You will enjoy a comfortable, smooth riding experience as if you were riding first class.

The best technology for the best building: We have adopted an electric regenerative converter and high-precision control inverter drive system that optimally controls the speed of the electric motor by simultaneously and continually changing the voltage and frequency. This has resulted in the smoothest ride ever and substantially improves energy-efficiency, thus enhancing the value of a building.

Advanced technology that considers even the building space: Since the traction machine used for the Alben allows for multiple arrangements, it is about 50% smaller and lighter compared to the previous induction motor. The machine occupies little space, thus allowing more space available for renting and other usage.

Smart system that considers both passengers and managers: More convenient services are offered based on state-of-the-art IT convergence technologies, such as the Destination Selecting System (destination floor reservation system), which reduces both wait time and unnecessary elevator operation; an artificial intelligence-based group control system that forecasts use for more efficient operation; and a computer monitoring and remote monitoring system that efficiently controls elevator operation.