January 24, 2018

Environment-friendly system

Environment-friendly-systemA green elevator that has substantially lower electricity consumption enabled by energy reduction technologies: The application of a gear less traction machine that uses a permanent magnet ensures 25% lower energy consumption compared to induction motors. Highly energy-efficient lighting fixtures, such as indoor LED lighting, are used, lowering total energy consumption by around 30%.
Green technology of the Alben that reuses electricity: Precise, quick motor control technologies enable precise speed control for the smoothest possible riding experience. Using regenerative Alben drive, it actually captures energy and feeds it back to the building’s power grid. So energy efficiency can be increased by more than 77.5%.
Green process where development and production take place in an environment- friendly setting: By introducing a design and development process and materials that reduce environmental pollution, Alben Elevator is developing environment-friendly elevators that satisfy customers in every way. in line with the ‘well-being’ needs of customers, we are reducing the amount of materials used throughout the development and production process, thus taking the lead in environment-friendly technology.

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